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I love your works about Vincent Valentine!!!! XDDD
Sat Nov 30, 2013, 7:08 PM
I love your dragons c:
Sat Jul 6, 2013, 1:35 PM
Sat Apr 14, 2012, 9:39 AM
Sat Feb 4, 2012, 12:52 PM
Sun Jan 8, 2012, 7:12 PM
Sun Jan 8, 2012, 10:41 AM
Sat Dec 24, 2011, 5:41 PM
kabooomm o3o
Thu Dec 22, 2011, 2:45 AM



Zenith reference (Wings of Fire) by JereduLevenin
Zenith reference (Wings of Fire)

Zenith, a rainwing/seawing dragon hybrid. Zenith belongs to Jeredu, and may not be used for any roleplay purposes by anyone who is not Jeredu. Art is okay, though, even scenarios. Just give credit, yo. Link back if you can. Fanfic NPC usage only with express permission from Jeredu. 

Zenith has undeveloped wings and a long graceful body. He can glide for a short distance, but he cannot fly. He generally does well in the water, using his wings for propulsion and steering. He enjoys climbing and running, doing very well in dense forest where large wings would impede other dragons from navigating. He enjoys warm, tropical waters and floating just beneath the surface to soak in the sunlight. He affectionately refers to himself as a 'SunWing' at times, though always in jest, and in reference to his love of sunlight and being his own personal lightshow.  

Zenith is adventurous, and enjoys telling stories to young dragonets, often using his color-changing abilities to accompany or illustrate his stories and add to the atmosphere. He is a craftsman, creating dragon jewelry, weapons, and armor. His arms are quite strong, having to compensate for his inability to fly by running and swimming. This also makes him a very deft fighter, as his wings are smaller and make him less of a target. However, he is trapped on the ground and often an easy target for any mean-spirited dragons looking to pick a fight.  Zenith is also somewhat flamboyant, with a love for dramatic flair and beauty, though he often favors the simple and elegant over the gaudy and elaborate, appreciating that which combines form and function. His penchant for adorning himself thusly has occasionally led to his being mistaken for a female. He is more outwardly focused on beauty than inward, admiring rather than seeking admiration. He has an especially great fascination with weapons, armor, tools, and architecture.  

The chromatophores in Zenith's scales also contain the bio-luminescent element that all SeaWings posses, allowing him to cause any part of his body to glow without limitation to specific patches or stripes or spots. However, causing unusual patterns or locations of his body to glow takes much more concentration than usual, as those scales are not predisposed to glow. Much like wiggling one's ears, which involves using muscles not normally utilized by humans, it was a skill he had to discover and then practice.  

His frills are different from a regular SeaWing's. They are specialized spines, like any frills, but the webbing between them does not connect completely, giving them a lionfish like appearance, somewhere between webbing and a conventional RainWing's spines. 

Zenith enjoys helping other dragons discover things about themselves, conquer fears and shortcomings. He loves to cultivate the figurative bud into a blossom. If a dragon needs a sympathetic ear, he will listen. If a dragon needs some sense knocked into their skull, he may oblige. He's a firm believer in inter-tribe relations and understanding culture.  

Zenith is quite social, though a subject of stigma himself at times, due to his mixed blood. The RainWings are quite all right and don't mind him in the slightest, but the other tribes are not always so welcoming. SeaWings greet him with much more reservation. Still, his travels have earned him a few friends among each tribe. He is always interested in making new friends. 

"Fain would I follow, though fear I to fall. Er. Y'know. Not to be dramatic, or anything. You go on ahead; I'll catch up. Somehow." 

Wings of Fire (c) Tui T. Sutherland.
Zenith (c) me.

Mirage Reference (Wings of Fire) by JereduLevenin
Mirage Reference (Wings of Fire)
A Sandwing dragon who befriends Starwind:

Starwind Reference (Wings of Fire) by JereduLevenin

Mirage is no hybrid. His scales are just an extremely pale off-white that makes him look almost silver.  Mirage has a very dry (no pun intended) sense of humor, often sarcastic, but in a laid-back sort of way.  He's easygoing and rather friendly, and very curious.  He enjoys exploring and puzzles.  Mirage was born after the war, though he is a bit older than Starwind. 

Wings of Fire (c) Tui T. Sutherland.
Mirage (c) me.
Starwind Reference (Wings of Fire) by JereduLevenin
Starwind Reference (Wings of Fire)
Starwind is a Nightwing/Rainwing hybrid dragonet.  His scales can change color but not well enough to become completely invisible.  His horns and spines would give him away.  However, he is capable of shifting across the entire color spectrum just like a Rainwing. His default colors, though, are Nightwing-patterned with nebula-like splashes of other colors.  He has no venom, but he can breathe fire.  His fire is viscous and sticky like napalm. He hates using it because it is so volatile. If he needs to create light to see, he holds his mouth open and lets it pool inside.  I'm pretty sure the mouths (if not the throats) of fire-breathing dragons must be fireproof to some degree.   His tail is prehensile. 

His father is a Rainwing and his mother is a Nightwing.  Starwind was named by his mother.   He feels rejuvenated by moonlight more than sunlight, though he does sometimes partake in sun time.  He is not a fan of the humidity of the rainforest, though, and eventually leaves to explore the desert kingdoms, where he meets a ghostly pale, white-gold/silver Sandwing dragon named Mirage:

Mirage (Wings of Fire) by JereduLevenin

Wings of Fire (c) Tui T. Sutherland.
Starwind (c) me.
Starwind Sketch by JereduLevenin
Starwind Sketch

I’m tempted to create a Nightwing/Rainwing hybrid OC.  Given the events of the last couple books, it’s one of the more likely to happen, I think.  

So here’s Starwind.  Set some indeterminate distance in the future.  I imagine the changes that have happened, and being under the wings of the current queen, he has a very different world outlook than his fellow rainwings.  Named by his Nightwing parent, since Rainwings don’t really do ’parents.’ 

I think he can change color, but not well enough to become completely invisible.  He can breathe fire, but does not have the other Rainwing signature ability.  He likes to make his entire body look like a shifting starscape. 

Glorybringer Sketch by JereduLevenin
Glorybringer Sketch

This is the canon ship I dig most so far in Wings of Fire.

No specific dialogue. I imagine Deathbringer says something about Rainwings that earns a deadpan, biting comeback from Glory, because she’s never heard that one before. 

But then he quietly slips a wing over her to keep her dry. 


This is just a sketch, unlike the last two.

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I've finally plowed through the five extant Wings of Fire books.  Immediately upon reading the synopsis on the back as well as seeing the Nightwing's Guide illustrations at the front, I knew that it would inevitably have a fandom.  Probably a large one, if the books were well written. 

And they are.  I would compare the tone at times to Laurence Yep's Dragon of the Lost Sea series, another childhood favorite.  I've seen other series like Warriors that gave me a similar impression based purely on the synopsis, and I simply passed those over. I generally don't have much time to read these days.   However, I decided to give these a chance largely because I was intrigued by the illustrations. They were cartoonish without being cartoony or insipidly childish, nor were they intimidatingly elaborate commissioned paintings like most fantasy fare- say, anything illustrated by Todd Lockwood or Michael Whelan.  No, these had the look of a professional graphic artist or comic artist that had clearly read the books and understood the author's vision.  And the art was all crisp, precise lines that beautifully showcased form and feature without overwhelming the viewer in detail.  These were books that looked like they would treat their readers seriously.  I fell in love with the art, and finally found time to read them all this week, after work and between calls now that things have slowed down to normal.  

Yes, the plot was predictable at times, but the impending twists and turns weren't foreshadowed heavily enough to ruin them early on.   And it was complex enough that it encouraged the reader to think critically.  Its characters were beautifully complex.  I was eagerly awaiting each book once I realized they were each narrated by a different character.   I hadn't really seen that since Animorphs, and unlike those books, these don't appear to be soured by inept ghostwriters. 

The ships are undoubtedly a touchy subject, though I do like the open-endedness and that the author doesn't shove particular pairings down our throat.  I see working relationships in progress.  I see flesh and blood characters.  Sunny is probably the dragonet closest to my heart.  

While some villains come across as two dimensional, I would say that hardly a single antagonist in this series is wholly evil, if any.  At the very least, nearly all of them are sympathetic, if not fully justified in their actions.   Unlike other series like Harry Potter, no singular clan is wholly evil.  I was so disappointed that Rowling painted such a black and white picture, where the only "good" Slytherin characters were dead before the series starts or incredibly mean-spirited.  I don't like that there weren't really any Gryffindors that didn't stand firmly in the good guys' corner.   People are complex and don't always fit neatly into categories.  

I feel that most of the stereotypes of each dragon clan are a result of cultural influence and upbringing, all perpetuated because the Nightwings were firmly in control of the world's written lore.   The dragons label themselves and strive to fit those labels because their societies encourage it.  The war and subsequent alliances are portrayed as terrible, but it actually broke the ground for the main five to unite Pyrrhia without unnecessary bloodshed.  If the clans had all been keeping to themselves and shunning outsiders, it would have been impossible. But the war forced tribes expand their own horizons and form unique relationships with outsiders.  I imagine the Pyrrhia before Queen Oasis's murder was a very different place.   No single tribe is portrayed as wholly evil for simply existing.  The dragonets who grew up outside of the tribes have vastly different values and ideas and morality, showing that the cruelty of Nightwings or the laziness of Rainwings are entirely learned behaviors, influenced by culture and environment and upbringing.  Even within the very heart of the cruelest of kingdoms, one can find strength or open-mindedness when least expected.  Like real people, each dragon is wholly capable of both good and evil, no matter its tribe.  

The great good force our heroes had believed in is shown to be cold and calculating and cruel.  No single tribe in the war is shown to be malicious.  Each side is shown to be fighting for good reasons, and not always willingly.  Instead of presented with a clear cut war between good and evil, we are shown a war where the great good is a lie, all sides are made up of good people who are forced to choose between the lesser of three evils that lead them. Or... two evils and one incompetent figurehead.  There is no clear cut right answer from the start.  There is no battle of good and evil.  There is only battle, and clashing of ideals, as each side hopes to end the killing and come up with a solution they can all live with in the aftermath.  

And the heroes take a third option.  It's a strong message to readers, emphasizing the importance of thinking outside the box and finding a way, the right way, even if it isn't always obvious.  Our heroes suffer losses and are forced to grow and learn.  But unlike so many other books of this nature, this is all accomplished without an inevitable bloodbath at the end.  Brian Jacques, I'm looking at you.  This isn't like Redwall.  A book doesn't need to tear your heart to pieces to paint a realistic conflict.  The war on Pyrrhia ends with no pyrrhic victory needed. 

That said, have some art.

Three Queens by JereduLevenin


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Then I went online to research if that could work and I found ur fucking amazing comic. 
So, look, I was planning a big fanfiction on this and now I feel like I've stolen ur idea or something even though I planned it before I ever found you. Does this mean that if i do the fanfiction i should credit you or what do you think? I didn't think about a FF crossover (because I've never even watched the thing and I don't know what's its about, frankly), and in my mind the strain wouldn't have been too much for him to kill him though he'd be barfing blood like crazy. 
So, if I did a fanfiction on my idea, would it still technically be my idea or would you be pissed off?
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